Paddington Bear

From the Ralph Family to the Kelly Family with love ?

Last weekend saw our cheeky lovable rogue Paddington Bear wave goodbye to his foster family and say hello to his forever family.

A few months ago, this young Saluki pup was found on the streets with an old fracture to his shoulder and landed full speed into the very capable hands of Lily Ann and her family as their new foster. He proceeded to wreak havoc and chaos throughout their house but also crept deep into their hearts as they all loved him dearly, possibly even more so now he has departed and is a few hours up the motorway in his new home?

The Kelly Family were told all about the adventures but mainly misadventures of Paddington. We tried to frighten them with our tales of chewed coffee tables, ass nipping, ripped up shoes, remotes and plants but they still wanted to commit to giving him a forever home (did we tell you about the weeing into shoes?)??

Two wonderful, amazing, committed families came together to bring PB full circle. We salute and respect you both for your kindness, dedication and love (bravery and ability to use every swear word in one sentence morning, noon and night ?)

In case you didn’t read the small print Kelly Family it says Galway SPCA cannot be held responsible for any structural damage he may cause ???

Enjoy deep breaths and remember one day (in about ten years time) he will be the docile, calm, well-behaved dog you always dreamed of ?

Keep on rocking PB, literally ?

Thank you

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