17th Dec 2019

Oxo arrived to us as a stray a couple of months ago. A very unsure boy with a rope tightly knotted around his neck.

Just a big, gangly, awkward pup with the biggest heart. Sadly though, Oxo had little ,if any, idea of how to love. So we set about teaching him and during his time with us, Oxo’s heart grew and grew as he showered everyone he met with hugs and kisses❤️

Big dogs are never as easy to home as the smaller ones and we truly hoped Oxo wouldn’t have to wait too long. We posted him a few times but, despite the many admiring comments he got on his post, Oxo remained at Heathlawn. He was getting stressed and we could see he was starting to lose weight. So we tried again and this time all of our and Oxo’s wishes came true. On Saturday straight after their home check Oxo had visitors.

Cian and Louise had been looking for a dog to call their own. Sharing Cians parents dogs was great but they felt the time was now right to get a dog they could share their home with and it was most definitely love at first sight between Cian, Louise and Oxo. And Oxo also stole the hearts of his new Grandparents too, who came along with their two dogs so we could all make sure that they would all get along .

A family who are true animal lovers,whose passion and kindness shone so bright. We were absolutely thrilled that our big, beautiful boy now has his own mum and dad to love and an extended family too.

We hear that Oxo got to see the beach for the first time, before heading home to his forever sofa where he cuddled up under the Christmas tree with his new toy!!!

One phone call…One couple willing to give him a chance and Oxo has found himself living the dream.

Thank you so so much Cian and Louise.

We wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas ❤️

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