When Chloe and John expressed an interest in fostering we wanted to make sure it was a suitable match, not just for them but, more importantly, for their existing Saluki girl Suki, formerly Aroma who was adopted from us last year. We had a young Saluki x boy named Okabe, who was full of fun and cheekiness but also loving and respectful. As we waved goodbye to Okabe when he headed off to foster we secretly smiled to ourselves??

A few weeks passed and we kept in touch, receiving regular updates and then we asked the million dollar question ‘Shall we put together a profile for his rehoming”? ? A few weeks ago John, Chloe, Suki and Okabe returned to Heathlawn to sign on the dotted line and officially make Okabe one of the family.nYou just gotta love a failed fosterer ?And we couldn’t have been happier for them all ?

Thank you John and Chloe for giving two of our wonderful sighthounds the forever home they truly deserve ?