27th Sep 2020

What an exciting start to our Sunday morning today as we prepared Niagara, our Greyhound girl, for the start of a new journey. We are thrilled to announce that Niagara has bagged herself a wonderful home here in Galway with Becky and her Grey x, Cal 😍

Sadly, our Greyhounds usually have to rely on our friends in the UK or Italy when it comes to finding their forever homes but views are changing, we hope, as more and more people are realising just what amazing pets Greyhounds, and Lurchers, are. It has been a bit of a whirlwind weekend for Niagara, meeting Becky and Cal on Friday, home check done Saturday and going home this morning.

We hear Niagara is settling in nicely and taking her lead from the very handsome Cal. Such big changes for her as her life up until now would have been one of kennels and track. But it looks like she has grasped that the rug makes a nice soft bed and is happily snoozing the afternoon away. We are so grateful to Becky for giving Niagara her chance and we wish all 3 many happy days together.


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