In November 2019 we offered rescue space to two dogs from Meath Pound and named them Redford and Newman. Redford didn’t have to wait around for too long he went to the UK to our friends at Erinhounds where he waltzed his way into his forever home .

For Newman life was a little more complicated as he arrived with a slight limp which became more prominent over time. Rest and meds were ordered after his initial Xrays showed no obvious damage. Then he had new Xrays which showed a faint crack along one of his bones. He was referred to a specialist vet and then Covid 19 hit.

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a young couple who were interested in adopting a Saluki or Lurcher.

Taking into consideration their “normal work hours” we felt none of our Salukis or young Lurchers would be suitable but we decided to offer them a chance to meet some so they would have an idea of the different sizes, types and personalities. With complete Covid 19 protocol/social distancing in place Dónal and Frances were given an appointment to meet a staff member in our car park.

Newman had been taken off our rehoming list as we needed an answer and a result on his limp before we could put him forward to any family/home and we are still not sure if he will need an operation or not (he now has a date to visit the orthapeedic surgeon). But he was exactly what Dónal and Francis had been hoping for.

As soon as they met Newman they fell in love and after a long chat with our kennel manager it was agreed that Newman would start as a foster dog with them. We chatted about the possibility of an upcoming operation and they were more than happy to provide aftercare if an operation was the answer which could mean he could always have a limp and whilst it wasn’t causing him pain it did mean some limitations. With Francis not due back to work for another couple of months it all seemed like the perfect solution for everyone, especially our sweet and gentle boy Newman.

Should Dónal and Frances become failed fosterers? they have already looked into having a dog walker/carer come on during work days to ensure any dog they adopted would not be left all day. With Newman being a little more sedate than some of our resident Salukis and Lurchers it felt as though we had ticked every box needed to ensure he was the perfect match.

So it was smiles all round yesterday as we watched our boy jump happily into a car, settle down and head off with his beaming new foster carers, Dónal and Frances ❤️. But not before he had said a very special goodbye to someone who has been his best friend since he arrived, Cathal ❤️

Newman of course loved his new pink bed which was kindly donated to our sanctuary but in true lurcher style it wasn’t long before he found the sofa ?

It’s a new day a new beginning for Newman and we couldn’t be happier.

A message from Dónal and Frances last night said “Thank you, we are already besotted” just about sums it up.