7th Apr 2021

Little Nestor has finally found the home (and woman) of his dreams over the Easter Weekend. Marie applied to adopt another of our dogs and even came out for a pre booked viewing with the dog in question but, due to a change in her rehoming needs, Marie left without a dog. We knew Marie had so much love to give to a dog and could offer a fantastic home and we really wanted to find her a little companion so we arranged for Marie to meet up with Shelley and her GSPCA foster boy, Nestor.

A shy boy who needed a quiet home where he could progress with lots of love and patience, just as he had been doing in his foster home and we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to help him than Marie. A big thank you to Shelley for being Nestors foster mum for the last months and an even bigger Thank You to Marie for working with us as we matched her with her new best friend. Have a wonderful life together 🥰#adoptdontshop #rescuedog #rescuelove