Many of you will remember this dear little man who arrived in August after a “late night rescue”. He arrived with one side of his face injured, whether that was from a car or “human inflicted”, we will never know. A timid, scared boy that night who was so obviously in shock and after a vet visit we learnt his eye was ruptured and part of his jaw dislodged. Thankfully, no operation was needed and whilst Nemo still hasn’t regained the sight in his injured eye, he did just great and soon was everyone’s best friend and running around our fields.

Ellen and Eoin had fostered for us during Covid but with work commitments they felt it wasn’t fair to adopt. But when work circumstances changed, meaning Eoin would now be working from home, they knew the time was now right.

They arrived to our sanctuary with “open minds”, willing to be guided by us to help them fine their perfect match and there he was … Nemo. A perfect fit in so many ways and it was almost as though Nemo chose them. Usually shy around strangers, Nemo greeted Ellen and Eoin and climbed up onto their laps!!

It has only been a week since Nemo became part of their lives and family but it’s almost as though he has always been there, already enjoying meals out at his local and some beach walks, not to mention going to Grannys house for extra cuddles ? He is still learning about the world and is getting braver each day.

We wish Ellen, Eoin and the newly named “Eamonn” many happy days together ❤️

Our thanks to the wonderful vet team at A Country Practice Vet Clinic for all their care towards Nemo when he needed it the most.