15th Oct 2020

Neeson came to us after a concerned member of the public contacted us to let us know that he had no shelter, no matter the weather, and was often left tied up for days on end. We managed to trace Neeson back to his original owner who had imported Neeson from France as a puppy for breeding purposes. He then gave him to an aquaintance who was interested in breeding pups from him but there the trail went cold and how Neeson ended up in the predicament he did, alone and neglected, we have no idea. His original owner was more than happy to hear that we would keep him, neuter him and find him a family home where he would be loved and treated with respect.

Neeson proved to be an immensely popular boy when it came to homing applications but we could only choose one family, though we picked 3 viewings for him. The Madden Family seemed to fit all Neesons requirements and after their meeting with Neeson and home check last week, we knew that Neeson was going to be just perfect for them and vice versa.

Yesterday evening, as our sanctuary was winding down, Neeson prepared to leave us and start the next chapter of his life making his way to his forever home. We hear he has settled in and has enjoyed some ball games and chilling in the garden today. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who applied to give Neeson a home but especially to The Madden Family for their natural enthusiasm and joy at adopting a rescue dog

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