Bye Bye Myrrh.

Another goodbye, this time it was our beautiful pointer girl Myrrh, who got to pack up her belongings, as she headed off with her new mum and dad Rosemary and Paddy.

Myrrh was found, just before Christmas on the streets of Tuam, emaciated, covered in fleas and very afraid.
Thanks to amazing teamwork she found herself at our sanctuary the next day where she seemed delighted with her warm cosy bed and three meals a day.

Myrrh stole all our hearts with her gentle and loving nature so we were all delighted to see her heading off much loved and sitting proudly in between her new parents.

We couldn’t promise or give our dogs the ‘full circle’without the kind and wonderful people who choose to adopt a rescue dog ….Thank You ❤️

We are looking forward to bumping into Myrrh now and again as she hadn’t gone too far away from us.

Enjoy the best times everyone.

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