Mustard was found as a stray with 2 other labs Relish and Garlic, who found their forever homes quite quickly. Mustard was always the more reserved of the three and it took her some time to understand that her past life of pumping out puppies was well and truly behind her. She didn’t understand why we wanted to love her, it was almost as though she felt she wasn’t deserving of our attention and cuddles.

So we started her journey of teaching her that she was worthy and that life away from whatever situation she had previously lived in, was now in the past. And Mustard started to open up.

We took her on walks to the coffee shop, trips to town and the local forest where she discovered her natural love of swimming. She learned to play and soon, Mustard, was a girl who couldn’t get enough love.

We recieved a few applications for Mustard but unfortunately we just didnt feel they were a match for her (though we did home another dog through one of her applications ) until an application came in from Maggie and Mick in the UK.

Maggie and Mick had adopted a small dog called Flambe from us quite a few years ago and with their other dog, a golden Lab, getting on in years they saw Mustard and decided to apply. Some phone calls and messages later, we were delighted to agree that Maggie and Mick were the perfect match for our girl.

So Friday night/Saturday morning, Mustard started her journey to the UK where her new family and extended family were waiting eagerly for her arrival. And we waited eagerly to hear that she had arrived. And apparently it was as though Mustard knew she was now finally home, that this family and their home was now hers and she bounded happily into those arms that were waiting to cuddle her.

We hear that Mustard, now named Mizzen, has had a wonderful first day. She has settled in superbly with the resident dogs and cats, follows her new Dad around and had extended family come to say hi and made a new best friend in Maggie and Micks grandson Iago, who spent the afternoon teaching Mustard to bring the ball back!! (Well done, Iago) .

However, we have heard she also served herself breakfast from the counter top and tried to blame the cats 🤣🤣

We are so grateful for all the amazing families who choose to adopt one of our dogs, in this case Maggie and Mick.

We know that Mustard, now Mizzen, is going to have the best life with you guys and we cant wait to hear all about your adventures together ❤️

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