In February we were contacted by a kind lady named Zania. A cat had been hanging round her garden for some time and it was causing her cats a lot of stress and unfortunately a lot of injuries too. But being a cat lover she didn’t want to ignore the cries of the lone male who very clearly, by his need for affection and vocal explosions, had been loved at one point. She named him “Muska” and posted him locally and beyond hoping to find his human family. When no one came forward to claim him she took him to the vet to be neutered in the hope that it would stop the unwanted hostility between him and the other cats but unfortunately it didn’t. Out of options and for the safety of all the cats involved, Mushka came to the Cattery.

It was a bewildering first few days for the sweet boy. His cries were that of loneliness and disparity. Mushka loved company and while our volunteers gave him as much as possible it was never enough. Mushka needed to find a home.

Margaret had been patiently waiting since January to find her perfect companion and Mushka ticked all the boxes. The two met and we all knew it was meant to be! Now settled and content in his forever home, Mushka is far more relaxed and takes great pleasure in making sure ALL the beds are included in his daily naps but particularly loves to sit on the couch with his new family in the evenings.

Thank you to everyone involved in Mushkas journey from Zania to Margaret and family, Because of you all Mushka has his happy furever after.