Mrs. Bridges

20th Aug 2022

11 year old greyhound lady Mrs Bridges came into our care after she had been surrendered into a pound last month. She arrived confused and a little scared as expected. She, like many greyhounds, had lived a very sheltered life in kennels/garden and had experienced little of the real world. On her first week with us we had to have all Mrs Bridges remaining teeth surgically removed as they were so rotten and were causing her great discomfort. It took Mrs B. a little while to recover from this operation and coupled with the move from “home” to pound to us, she seemed very down in herself.

When we received the call from Jacqui (who had previously adopted little man Tiny from us quite a few years ago) to say she now felt ready to adopt again, after losing Tiny and she was thinking a out a greyhound maybe it was Mrs. Bridges sprang to our minds.

Jacqui drove up from Cork last week to meet and spend time with Mrs. B. and yesterday arrived back to bring her first beautiful greyhound lady home. There was great excitement amongst our team as we watched Mrs Bridges hop into mum Jacquis car, settle herself down and start her journey to her first ever home at 11 years young!!

We hear she has settled in remarkably well and is enjoying exploring her new garden and home. She has had a couple of short walks around her new neighbourhood and had plenty of snoozes on her new orthopaedic bed !!!

Its always a special moment to watch any of our dogs head home but watching an oldie Greyhound girl, grinning from ear to ear as she waves goodbye, is one of those extra special times in rescue.

Thank you Jacqui for opening up your heart and home to yet another of our rescue dogs.

We wish you and Mrs. Bridges the most wonderful time together ❤️