Mr. Chips

5th Dec 2021

Mr Chips arrived was rescued from the streets after we were notified that he had been straying for quite some time. A quirky little chap who took a little while to warm to us as his new friends. He just didn’t understand love and attention and for those first days he preferred his own company. But it wasn’t long before he was up on our laps enjoying all the attention and even giving us high fives !!!

Mary and Donie had expressed an interest in adopting so we arranged a visit to Heathlawn for them all to meet up. A couple who just oozed love, compassion and laughter. We kept everything crossed that everything would go well because it is people like Mary and Donie who restore our faith in people. The rest, as they say, is history and we hear Mr. Chips, in true chi style 🤣, is keeping Mary and Donie on their toes 🤣, but they love him dearly.

He is one very lucky little boy to have found the most amazing couple who will love him always. Thank you to Mary and Donie for choosing to adopt 🥰

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