In late 2020 we started to receive calls about a dog that had been seen wandering in the Ahascragh area. Unfortunately, this poor dog was so terrified of people it was impossible to pin him down. Hanging around gardens in the search of food but bolting as soon as a door opened, or a person appeared, he often disappearing for days at a time. Storms, rain and frost all came and went but this boy was never far from many peoples minds, including ours, as he remained at large and his trail was hard to follow. But this little rural community weren’t giving up and food was still left out in the hope it was him that was getting it and we kept in touch hoping that he would eventually be caught. After 9 long weeks or more of surviving on the fields he was!! On Christmas Eve. We went straight out to bring him “home”.

Moses was scared and untrusting so we gave him the space he needed but soon this young, handsome boy was standing at his kennel door, tail wagging, eager to be our friend. Over the last couple of weeks, Moses became everybody’s friend. He even helped our young collie girls, Bora Bora and Tahiti, as they learned to walk on leads by walking confidently in front of them leading the way. There were no traces left of the terrified boy who once spent his life hiding away from people as he fought to survive alone as a stray.

Maria and Donagh had applied to adopt and looking at their application we felt we found the perfect match for our boy Moses. And we had. Last weekend three smiling faces headed home together to begin what we know will be a journey full of love and adventure with laughter along the way.

Moses’ journey started when a few houses in the area he was straying in decided NOT to give up on him. To those caring people, thank you. It takes a team to bring every dog full circle and Moses you had one of the best behind you every step of the way. Our grateful thanks, as always, to those wonderful people who choose to adopt a rescue. Have an amazing journey together Moses, Maria and Donagh ?