27th Mar 2021

You will remember a few weeks ago we posted the sad story of 15 year old Missy who was found living a life of neglect, in an outdoor shed, by Offaly Dog Wardens. She was duly removed from her former owners and taken straight to the local vets where she had to be completely shaved due to the severe neglect she had endured. Not just physical neglect but mental neglect. Left in an outhouse, alone and ignored. Working with Offaly Dog Pound we collected Missy and got her straight to the loving home of one of our foster homes with Alex and Paul. Despite what Missy had been through, she was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest and most loving girl. She loved her new home comforts and under the care of Alex and Paul started to enjoy life once again.

Earlier this week we spoke with Deirdre who had put in an application to adopt Missy. Deirdre has a soft spot for all dogs but the golden oldies hold a special place in her heart. Yesterday, a GSPCA volunteer made the long journey to bring Missy home to her new mum and 11 year brother Elvis. At 15 years old Missy is snuggled up on a sofa between her mum and brother. All the memories of her past are now erased as she can now look around and know that she is home 🥰

So many dedicated people helped Missy on her journey. Thank You. To a wonderful, caring, very special lady called Deirdre who couldn’t scroll pass Missys story without wanting to change her life. Thank You. Missy you never gave up hoping and dreaming. You walked away from your past with your head held high and your heart full of love, ready to trust again. Have the most wonderful life sweet lady. You deserve only the very best from here on in and we know for sure you will now be loved and cherished forever ❤