2nd Mar 2022

Mish, and her brother Mash, came to us in November 2021 as two terrified young dogs. They had been abandoned and were trying to survive on their own but had the good fortune to be spotted by a kind lady who worked hard over a couple of weeks to entice them, with food, into her yard. After getting them into an enclosed space she called us.

Mish and Mash were like two feral dogs. They were absolutely terrified of us, our voices and our movements, so for the first few weeks we didn’t attempt to touch them, we just let them watch us as we cleaned their kennel and allowed them the space they needed. Slowly, but surely, we gained their trust but getting a lead anywhere near them remained impossible. So our work with them continued and we integrated them into a group of more confident dogs and watched as they spent their walks running and playing happily with their new friends. Using the bond they had created with their new friends, we re-introduced the leads and, once again, patience and the other dogs in front paid off and soon Mish and Mash were happily trotting up and down our laneways on leads and then harnesses. They had become the sweetest, most affectionate loving, playful and loyal friends to us though they, especially Mish, remained a little shy around people they didn’t know.

Last week we received an application from a couple, Claire and Louis, who had seen Mish and fallen in love. They felt that they could offer her the home she needed and, with their existing dog Dexter, build her confidence in a world she knew little about. It has been just under a week since little Mish left her brother Mash and the safety of Heathlawn to head home with Claire, Louis and Dexter. We hear that she has settled in even better than we anticipated, is loving her new bed and toys, enjoying her walks and cuddles on the sofa. There has been some “adjustment” between Mish and Dexter but they are becoming firm friends with the help from their Mum and Dad.

We are forever grateful to those wonderful people who choose to adopt a rescue dog but especially to those who are willing to be patient and kind as their new dog adjusts, simply because they know it takes time and work. We wish Claire, Louis Dexter and Mish many wonderful times together.