26th Mar 2020

Mila was found late one night, a month ago, by two young girls as she ran along a busy road in Galway City. Despite the late hour we organised for one of our city based team to go and collect her from these wonderful young ladies who had kept her safe.

Only a baby of a few months old, Mila was understandably scared but some food and a warm bed soon settled her. Mila stayed as a foster pup with our team member Shelley and, last week, found herself an amazing forever home with Cillian and Leisha.

A very lucky little girl who crossed paths with kind, caring and compassionate people who helped us to change Milas life for the better.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the lovely people like Cillian and Leisha who choose to adopt, not shop ❤️

#galwayspca #rescuedogsrock
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