In September we received a call about a large lab type dog straying around the back lanes of the bog in Ballinasloe with a long blue rope knotted tightly around her neck. Sadly we have picked up dogs in similar circumstances in the same area for many years. A kind, local lady had spotted her, took her in and contacted us. A beautiful, bouncy girl but one who would shy away from your hand or quick movements, dropping to the floor submissively with her eyes squeezed shut. We can only imagine the treatment she had been subjected to.

We named her Meringue and over the following weeks it was a joy to watch her running free and happy around our fields. A friend and former volunteer of Galway SPCA, Marese, had sadly lost her little dog a few months ago to old age. She gave herself time to heal and would pop up to the sanctuary when she in the area but wasn’t quite sure if she was ready. Until the day she realised she really couldn’t live without a dog in her life and she had seen and fell in love with Meringue on a previous visit. To be honest we weren’t quite sure if Meringue would be the perfect match but after more chats and visits, we knew Marese and Seamus would give her a loving and fulfilled home.

It has been a month since Meringue, now Winnie, set off to Dublin to start her new life and we have to say her regular WhatsApp updates have made us giggle ? An “experienced thief” of anything that isn’t nailed down and there have been quite a few dinners that have disappeared. Squirrels no longer come into the garden and there have been a few attempts to dive bomb into the local duck pond with human in tow ? If it can’t be eaten, then it can most definitely be chewed and shredded is another rule of Meringues but her Mum and Dad love her dearly and say she had won the hearts of all the extended family too.

She loves her off lead play in the dog park. Off lead in an unsecured field is not an option yet but we hear it’s a work in progress ? though it may never happen. But Meringue is the sweetest, cuddliest, fun loving girl who is never far from her Mum and Dad. She forgets her size and wants to be on their knees given any chance. Their home is once again complete with thundering paws, chewed up and spat out items and a dustbin that now has a lock on it!!! And they wouldn’t change it for the world ?

We wish you all many more adventures and would like to thank Marese and Seamus for choosing to adopt.

Go Meringue/Winnie ?

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