In early 2023 we received a call about a badly injured Lurcher who had been seen hobbling around a bog near Mountbellew, for nearly 3 days. She was finally caught and brought to a local vets. We tried to save Mellows badly broken leg so she underwent surgery to insert plates and pins but after 3 months we felt that Mellow was still not comfortable on her leg so it was re-xrayed and once again she went back in kennel rest. 5 months passed and Mellow still wasn’t fully sound so we made the decision to amputate Mellows leg as we felt it was now the best decision for her, both mentally and physically.

Two weeks post amputation and Mellow was a different girl. She was racing around our back field on her 3 legs, loving life and grinning from ear to ear. She went on days out and represented Galway SPCA at fundraisers and events, showing the public that lurchers on 3 legs rock!!

We posted Mellow for rehoming even though we didn’t hold out much hope of her having much success, especially as we had quite a few smaller, fluffy type dogs for homing at the same time. And true to form we received over 80 applications for one of our smaller dogs and just the ONE application for Mellow.

But we often say “It only takes one if it’s the right one”. And would you believe it? It was absolutely perfect ❤️

Evan and Alex had seen Mellows story and profile and fell in love. The rest, as they say, is history and Mellow has now been happily snuggled up in her home since the end of September and is the dream dog.

Thank you Evan and Alex for seeing Mellows true beauty ❤️