A couple of weeks ago a car arrived up our drive with this beautiful, young boy in the boot. Despite being full we knew we had to spend our morning rejuggling, somehow, to make the room so he would be safe.

We named him McIntosh and he was the sweetest, most grateful boy from the moment we lifted him from the boot, underweight and full of fleas but just the happiest chap to be getting so much attention and cuddles.

McIntosh settled in and we paired him with Charm so she could show him the ropes. He had no idea how to play or what a toy was despite being only 10/11 months old but, as the days passed, he started to realise just how much fun life could be.

Former GSPCA adopters MarieJeanne and Frans had been on the look out for a friend for, their former GSPCA doggie, Maxi (was Moss, one of Willows pups) and had contacted us about Lamu. It is so important to us that we match our dogs and families to as near perfect as we can and whilst we knew Lamu was not the match for them, we just knew that McIntosh would be !!

So we cat tested him and he passed with flying colours.

Last weekend was their “meet n greet” and it went as we hoped. The most perfect match all round for all involved. So McIntosh has now become “Checo” and has settled in beautifully under the loving care of MarieJeanne, Frans and Maxi. Tim the cat has also given Checo the thumbs up.

Checo has gone from unwanted to very much wanted in just a few weeks. MarieJ, Frans and Willow have gained a new best friend and family member and we couldn’t be happier for them. We are also as always truly grateful to them for their continued support and for choosing, yet again, to adopt a Galway SPCA dog.

Have the best of times together ❤