Found with her siblings on a rural laneway after being dumped with the deadly parvo virus, Marple along with her brother Morse were the 2 of the 4 to survive. Just the sweetest, kindest girl who brought so much love and joy into our daily lives at our Sanctuary and we so enjoyed watching both Marple and Morse blossom under our care. But there’s always a time to say goodbye and it was soon time to start looking for forever homes.

The Garde Family from Cork had filled out an application and we truly felt they were the perfect match for our adventurous little girl. Now called Zola, she has been with her family for nearly two months. She has had the guidance not just of her human family but with big brother Zeus too. And she has grown into the most gorgeous girl, safe in the knowledge that she is now so loved and will never know cruelty and hardship again.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing Garde Family who have once again opened up their hearts and home to another rescue dog ❤️