Mariah Hairy

When we posted a small fluffy Diva for rehoming a couple of weeks ago, predictably, our applications went through the roof!! Lots of lovely home offers came in and while we appreciate them greatly, we knew that for this bossy, loud and very demanding lady it was going to have to be a very special one.

We thought we had found it but alas Mariah Hairys vocal stylings were just too much, so we looked again. Lots of applications looking for cuddly, affectionate, child friendly. We do have kittens that could match, but not Mariah Hairy!

Then we saw Deborah’s application. Deborah and her husband ticked all the boxes and already had experience with Diva cats, currently having one in their home. They weren’t phased by the videos of her tantrums or by her “singing” for attention. The home check showed us just how much they adored their already resident cat and how much they all missed the company of their previous cat. We just knew that this was where Mariah Hairy belonged.

Mariah Hairy has been home now for over a week and she has settled in amazingly well. She loves to watch TV with Mum and Dad and to play and explore. She still likes to vocalise her opinions whenever she can but she has a very understanding mum and dad who are happy to listen. Even the resident cat has begun to accept the new addition although their “friendship” is still a work in progress 😉

Thank you Deborah and Steve for opening your home and hearts to Mariah Hairy ❤️ and we look forward to lots of updates!