10th Oct 2019

At the end of July, we were contacted about a very young lurcher pup wandering the streets of Tuam, with injuries to his face and neck. He avoided being caught for a few days but finally he gave up and arrived at Heathlawn and safety.

A boy of about 7 months old, scared, confused and with the air of an old dog about him Marconi was defeated, dejected and had lost his trust in humans.

We set about giving Marconi the “Heathlawn Touch”. We gave him time to adjust to his new surroundings, new faces and we let the other dogs show him what Heathlawn life was all about. It wasn’t long before Marconi was looking and acting like the young pup he was, racing around our fields, playing with other dogs but more importantly he learned to love and trust us humans.

Marconi was reborn…♥️

So many of our Sighthounds rely on our friends in other countries to help find them a home. Lurchers/Greyhounds are just not popular with people looking to adopt, despite our constant efforts to tell visitors just how wonderful they are as family pets.

Marconi was on our waiting list to travel to our friends in the UK at Erinhounds, where we knew he would be snapped up by a family very quickly. He just had to be patient and wait his turn.

A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from a family looking to adopt. They had read all the wonderful things we and other hound owners had to say about Lurchers and were very interested in getting to know a little more about them and hopefully finding one to join their family.

The rest is history!

Marconi, in true Lurcher style, won their hearts. He was loving but gentle with the children, playful and affectionate with mum and dad and boy was he happy to be in the middle of a family, loved and admired as they walked him around our fields.

Last weekend, we arranged for them to walk Marconi on our Sponsored Walk in Portumna Forest and as we watched them set off as a family, with Marconi walking proudly alongside them, we knew he had found his forever home and humans.

This afternoon, Marconi strutted out of his kennel, more or less smirked as he passed along the row of kennels in front of his friends, posed beautifully for his “homing photos” (we won’t mention him trying to chew up his Burns Pack😉), kissed us all goodbye, before joining his forever family for the drive to his forever home.

The last we saw was his tail waving in the air, in the back of the car as it headed down our drive.

Marconi stole all our hearts during his few months with us. We watched him grow from a scared, unsure boy into the loving, fun and most endearing young hound he is today.

And he will, we hope, now use his amazing personality to promote his breed wherever he goes showing everyone he meets, that if you are willing to open up your minds, hearts and homes to a lurcher, you will be rewarded with the most wonderful best friend ever.

We are so grateful and thrilled that Roisin and Kieran, along with their children, Liam and Edie have seen the true wonders of The Irish Lurcher.

We cannot wait to follow their adventures (and Marconi’s mishaps 😂🤪) as they grow together as a family.

Marconi, you made it HOME. Enjoy every moment♥️

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