27th Jun 2020

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us all at Heathlawn as any day we re-home a Sighthound in Ireland is most definitely a reason to be happy.

Sighthounds (Greyhounds, Salukis and Lurchers) are without a doubt the most overlooked breed when it comes to adoptions here in Ireland and we have always relied heavily on (and still do) on our friends in the UK, Italy and Sweden to take them and find them their forever homes. So when the Power Family contacted us last week, about the possibility of adopting a Lurcher, we were only too delighted to have them come visit.

Slinky Malinki arrived to us along with 5 Greyhounds. This 11 month old boy just wanted to play and share lots of cuddles. He was an instant hit with Jean and her family and with the promise of long walks, car trips, family adventures and of course lots of cuddles, Slinky gave them the thumbs up too.

Yesterday, Slinky headed off with his new family ready to spread the word to all he will meet, on his daily walks, that Sighthounds make the most wonderful family pets.

We are so grateful to the lovely, caring Power Family who have seen past what so many overlook and fallen in love with one of the most gentle, kind, funny (and at times naughty😜) breed.

Have the most wonderful times together ♥️