Liqueur had been wandering the streets for nearly a week before she ended up on the doorstep of a caring lady who knew she needed help. Underweight, with sore feet, fleas and worms Liqueur hadn’t lost her faith in people despite what she been through. She was sweet, kind, loving and playing ball was the highlight of her day.

Mari and Rod have previously adopted from us and they had sent in an adoption application but the dog they were initially interested in was already booked to a home. They came with their little family of 5 rescue dogs to meet Nokia but our kennel manager could see that he just wasn’t comfortable with so many little (but big characters 😁) dogs. Even though they gave Nokia time to adjust, she knew this wasn’t for him.

But she thought Liqueur might be. Liqueur is a slightly older girl than Nokia and one who gave off an air of stability, confidence and of being comfortable in herself. And she was right. Meeting 5 small dogs in one go didn’t bother Liqueur one little bit. She said hello to each one and then introduced herself to Mari and Rod. Even with a couple of the smallies trying to lay down boundaries to her, Liqueur took it all in her stride and soon she was happily playing ball with Boogie (who believes he is the boss 🤣) and Rod, whilst Mari and the others watched. A match was made!!

It has only been a few days but we hear that Liqueur has settled in as though she has always been there. All the doggies are as accepting of her as she is of them.

Life has just got unbelievably beautiful for Liqueur and she will never have to worry about being unloved ever again.

Our thanks to the kind lady who made sure Liqueur got our help when she needed it most and to Mari and Rod for opening up their hearts and home to yet another doggie in need. ❤️

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