You will remember our 9 lurcher babies who arrived, in mid-August, as very sick, emaciated and mangy babies after there were cruelly left in a field to die. During the first weeks we held our breath as their health went up and down. We battled heavy worm burdens, mange, rickets, high temperatures, low temperatures and sick stomachs. Every day we had with this little family, in those first few weeks, was a bonus and as the weeks passed we started to relax a little. We felt a corner had been turned and we could now begin to enjoy and embrace these beautiful babies.

And then came those moments when they started to say their goodbyes. Four travelled to homes in Sweden, two found forever homes here in Ireland, one travelled to his home in the UK and that left us with two. Yesterday our last two babies, Lindor and Bounty now 5 months old, left us.

We had been in touch for quite a few months with a lovely lady called Alex from the UK who was very interested in adopting one. She already had a 4 year old Saluki, Pippa from a UK rescue, so it was very important that we found the perfect match. And we did, it was finally Lindors turn to “go home”.

A long and scary but worthy journey across the Irish Sea to arrive in the early hours to a very excited new mum and dad, human sister and doggy sister.

We hear Lindor arrived a little unsure but soon made himself at home. He has had a short walk, eaten, played and, as we post his story, is fast asleep in front of the fire. Nearly 4 months ago we dared to dream that ALL our babies would one day be in their forever homes and now our dreams have come true. Welcome home Lindor, now Dougal. Thank you to Alex and her family for choosing to adopt again ❤