Our beautiful, forgiving, loving little older Lurcher girl Lilibet no longer lives at our sanctuary because ….she has gone home🥰🥰

Lilibet, found emaciated, defeated and with horrific wounds to her front legs and we worked hard to get her back to full health. Everybody at Heathlawn fell in love with her and we knew it would have to be a very special home, like all our homes are, that would be worthy of her 🥰

In the summer of 2021 Helen and her family contacted us enquiring about potentially adopting their first ever Lurcher. We were delighted to have been able to find them a match in our big, older boy Trad, now named Jasper. When Helen touched base a few months ago enquiring about adding another pointy nose to the family, we were delighted all over again.

Helen had initially expressed interest in another of our Lurchers but we had another little Lurcher waiting, who we knew was the most perfect match for Jasper. We also knew that Helen and family were her perfect match too and thankfully Helen trusted us to guide her in her choice. And 5 weeks on from the day Lilibet was officially adopted by Helen and we are so delighted to know we DID get it right !

Lilibet, now Jordan, is living a life she could only ever surely dreamed of. Living on the idyllic Achill Island surrounded by beaches and mountains to explore, a big lurcher brother in Jasper to snuggle up to and play with, comfy beds and humans who just cannot ever imagine their life without her now and who love her so, so much. ❤

We are honoured to have been able to play our part in Lilibets/Jordans journey as she went from the defeated stray to the happy, loving girl who waved us goodbye.

And to see her now free, content and oh so loved and we can only say Thank You again to Helen and her family for choosing to give a second Galway SPCA Lurcher a most loving home.

We wish Jasper, Jordan and their humans many happy times together 🥰