26th Feb 2021

Kirsch, and a number of other dogs, came into our care last November when we worked with the local Gardaí. Kirsch was heavily pregnant and soon after she arrived, she gave birth. Not much more than a pup herself, Kirsch threw herself into her new role with devotion and love. She was just the sweetest, kindest and most loving girl despite her past and everyone who cared for her, loved her.

When the time was right, we removed Kirsch from her babies and she seemed somewhat relieved. It was now Kirschs time to live life for herself and we wanted to find her the most amazing home that would love her as much as we knew she would love them. And we found it.

Kirsch has now been in her home for a few weeks and we hear that she has settled in amazingly. She is loved and adored and is living life to the fullest, enjoying walks and exploring but, most of all, enjoying being part of a family and home. Keep shining bright beautiful lady 😘

Please note that all of Kirschs pups are rehomed or reserved.