19th Jul 2020

In April, Kaluwa arrived from the streets of Loughrea a very scared, mentally shut down, young girl. She hid away and her past haunted her. We found a lovely foster home for her in Kildare but, without other dogs for company, Kaluwa remained shut down.

It was decided that it was in Kaluwas best interest to return to us and go into foster with our kennel manager and her group of hounds.

Kaluwa blossomed and was soon galloping around the fields with her new friends, enjoying road trips and snoozes by the fire. She is naturally a quiet girl but it was wonderful to see her cheeky side emerge as the weeks went on.

Mary and Thomas were due to Heathlawn with our old friend Bronski who they had adopted from us in 2018 after he arrived from Waterford Pound. Yesterday they came looking for a friend for him.

Bronski and Kaluwa hit it off straight away and although Kaluwa was a little wary of Mary and Thomas we knew she was in safe and loving hands. We hear Kaluwa found the best bed on arriving home, settled in and has been having great play time in the garden with Bronski.

Her name Kaluwa means “Forgotten One ” but Kaluwa will never need worry about being forgotten or left behind ever again. Not only was it lovely to see Bronski again yesterday looking absolutely fab but even better to see himself and Kaluwa settled on the back seat together as they drove away.

Mary and Thomas have always been great supporters of Galway SPCA and we are forever grateful to them both for opening up their hearts and homes yet again to another of our dogs And how amazing it is to see another Sighthound find their forever home here in Ireland ❤