Jumbles arrived in March from Waterford Pound, a very scared boy. But we knew that underneath his fear lay a very sweet boy who was capable of becoming a loving and playful boy. We needed to strip away the layers of fear and uncertainty that he carried with him. It didn’t take too long and Jumbles really came into his own running around the fields with his new doggy friends. He became fond of attention and cuddles from our staff and volunteers and though he remained nervous about new things, like entering the house, he was willing to follow our lead.

On Saturday Jumbles had a viewing and we held our breath as he met Lorna and Kevin. It was smiles all round and we just knew that we had found Jumbles the perfect match and home. Plans were made for Lorna and Kevin to return the following day to bring Jumbles home and yesterday Jumbles headed home to start his new life. No longer the terrified little collie boy, Jumbles still has some confidence to gain as he still needs to understand new things but we know that under the care and love of Lorna and Kevin it won’t be long before Jumbles is enjoying life to the max.

As always we are forever grateful to all who choose to adopt and love one of our rescue dogs

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