Yesterday saw the first of our beagle/terrier x collie pups leave our care.

Jolie has most certainly landed on all four paws, adopted by the lovely Tricia who sadly lost her own collie to old age earlier this year. Tricia fell in love a couple of weeks ago and visited her chosen pup a couple of times a week so they could become acquainted before the big day.

We received a call from Tricia last night to let us know that Jolie has settled in really well and to thank us for bringing such joy and love into their home once more …..all the family are besotted and delighted to have a dog once more in their home and hearts.

Jolie has a feline sister, also adopted from our GSPCA cattery and the two are already great friends.

As always, we are indebted to those amazing homes who choose to adopt.

Have wonderful times together Tricia and Jolie ❤️

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