30th Jun 2022

Jetty arrived, in January, via a case the Department of Agriculture were involved in. She was totally unhandleable, never having been socialised, worn a collar nor walked on a lead. It took quite a long time to win her trust and even longer for her to get over her fear of the lead. But when she did overcome those issues, she was one of the sweetest, kindest girls ever.

Then came her introduction to the outside world, something she had never seen. So trips were organised into our local town to see cars, bikes, people, dogs and all those things that so many dogs see in their early socialisation days.

Yesterday Jetty took her final leap of faith into the loving arms of Margaret and Peter, one of the kindest, loveliest couples you could ever meet. Travelling down from Dublin, with their home check complete (thanks Adrienne 🥰) we were keeping everything crossed that they would see what we had when reading their application, that they were Jettys perfect match. We all agreed that it was the moment when, after saying hello to Margaret, Jetty turned around, looked at Peter and put both paws up on his knees, pressed her face into his, that we knew. Jetty was ready to go home ❤

It was a long and, at times, difficult journey in those early days but what an amazing and brave girl Jetty proved to be. Setting herself free from her past and learning to love life. Thank you Margaret and Peter for opening up your hearts and home to a rescue dog. We wish you all many happy times together.


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