Imani (Have faith)

Imani came to us at the start of October. This small 9 year old Lurcher girl had spent her life outdoors, having lots of litters. She arrived as a meek, shy and nervy girl who was shut down and sat in her basket, watching sanctuary life go by. We found it hard to break through her “wall”, so our kennel manager decided to take her home as a foster hoping Imani would learn to engage and enjoy life as a pet. At first Imani kept to herself, always watching the other hounds, humans and the goings on but never taking part. Her little face would often peer around the door as she watched the resident Saluki bounce around outside, wreaking havoc but she would always scuttle back to her bed trying to remain anonymous. We are not quite sure when we first said goodbye to the shy, quiet, unassuming Imani?? but we did ? and with the help of a mad, unstoppable Saluki, a bossy older greyhound girl and playful greyhound boy, who lived in her foster home, Imani became one of the gang and was often seen cavorting around the garden and house with slippers in her mouth, ripping up post, using the sofas as trampolines along with the rest of the 4 legged household much to foster mums horror!!? Her eyes shone bright and she let go off the chains of her past.

Imani was now free and boy did she make the most of it. She loved her forest walks and made friends with everyone. She loved going to the sanctuary for a gallop, enjoyed play fighting and chasing but most of all she loved her best friend McLaren the Saluki. Imani really thought she was home and it weighed heavily on her foster mums mind that one day she was going to turn this little girls world upside down by letting her go, but she knew she had too.

Fostering is so important but for many of us that foster it can only be temporary because that all important foster space within the home is always needed again for the next “Imani”. There were a few hesitant moments from foster mum but she listened to her head ignoring her heart, as much as that hurt. The search for a “forever home ” began. Imani was a sensitive soul and despite the great progress she had made knowing it would be another big step for her to move again, her foster mum trod carefully in her search. And then a blast from the past appeared ?

Norman (was Seymour) was homed by us 6 years ago to Ger and Shane. A small whippet boy, very calm, quiet and at times quite introverted. But now, he was looking for a friend. Someone who would help him play, keep him company on walks and snuggle up to him at home. Yesterday Imani went for her last gallop with her foster family and she set off with her foster mum a little bewildered as to why she was alone, but accepting of it. Her foster mum kept listening to her head praying that she and her hounds had given Imani enough courage to now join her forever family.

The meeting of Imani and Norman went better than any one could have anticipated. Both seemed extremely happy to meet one another and Imani waltzed into the home of Ger and Shane easily with a mooch around the garden and Imani popped herself into bed looking around at the new faces with calmness. Her foster mum smiled proudly at the little girl sitting happily in her bed in a strange living room, with strange people before saying her silent goodbyes and leaving without a backward glance at the little girl she had grown to love so, so dearly because she finds it easier not to say Goodbye as a foster parent. Like so many other foster parents, she has learnt to take a “step back” to allow the forever parents to “step forward”. Ger has so very kindly sent lots of updates over the last 24 hours and we are delighted to hear that Imani and Norman are getting on great. Imani has settled in, is eating well and enjoying exploring her new neighbourhood. She still has to learn to fully trust her new family but they have so much kindness, love and patience to give, we know that soon Imani will understand she is “finally home”.

We are as always so very grateful to all the wonderful families who choose to adopt one of our doggies and in this case two. Ger, Shane, Claudia, Norman and Imani we wish you all so many happy times together ❤

To all our amazing foster homes, thank you for all you do to prepare your foster dogs for their forever homes ❤ Sometimes you listen to your head and not your own heart so another heart can become fully whole❣

Be safe little Imani, as your name says you did indeed “keep the faith” in us?#galwayspca #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #lurcherlove #fosteringsaveslives Burns Pet Nutrition