Hugh and Humphrey

These two handsome chaps came into our care a few weeks ago along with a very feral friend “Hero” after they were all discovered fending for themselves in a vacated property. The property owner got in touch when he noticed the cats had been left behind by the previous tenants. Hugh and Humphrey were only too happy to be handled by our volunteer and under normal circumstances we would have opted to TNR Hero, but the house was in such a remote location we really felt it was not safe to leave him there alone. All 3 came into our care and we were lucky enough to snag a relocation site for Hero with one of our committee members. Hugh and Humphrey were put on our website and we hoped people would look past the fact they were not cute kittens and recognise the charm of an older cat.

Sinead and Philip had filled out an application looking for an adult cat. We were thrilled that at least one of the boys would be getting his forever home. But which one!! After meeting the boys, Sinead also found it very difficult to choose so to make things easier they decided to take both of them ?

Thank you Sinead and Philip for opening your home to Hugh and Humphrey! We look forward to hearing how they settle in to their amazing new life!