27th Jul 2022

Hootie arrived from Offaly Pound where he had been surrendered by his former owners. He had a pointer head and the body and colouring of one parent, with short little terrier legs of the other. A bundle of energy and joy, Hootie spent many a day tearing around our fields with his many friends, cutting corners as he went in order to keep up with his bestie at the time, long legged Liga 😅

Earlier this year the Heanue Family had adopted our pointer boy Bourbon, now Reuben, so when we saw their application for Hootie we knew it would be the perfect match for both boys and humans.

It has been a few weeks since Hootie happily hopped into the car with his new family and without a backward glance at our good selves, high tailed it straight up the motorway to his new home in Dublin. We hear that the boys are having a great time, playing lots of games of tug of war, chase and generally having lots of fun.

Not only was it lovely to see Bourbon/Reuben again but it was just as lovely to see Hooties happy smile as he headed off for a life full of fun and love.

Our thanks to the Heanue Family for choosing to adopt not one but two Galway SPCA boys🥰