Hooper was placed in a pound by his family a couple of months ago. Thankfully, for Hooper, it was a pound with a compassionate and hardworking dog warden and team who do everything possible to make sure each dog gets out to homes or reputable rescues. We saw Hooper and offered him rescue space with us. A gorgeous, fun boy who made friends with everyone, human and dog, but who obviously had little training and had been left to amuse himself.

We had many applications for Hooper but one stood out to us. The Lynch Family had previously had beagles and so were familiar with the breed. Their last Beagle, Dakota, was flown home with them when they left America to return to Ireland as leaving her behind was never an option. After chatting and meeting with them we knew they were ideal for our boy and today they arrived to bring Hooper home.

It was smiles all round and one happy pooch (and humans) that waved us goodbye, this afternoon, as they set off to introduce Hooper to his new home and forever sofa and the best news is that Hooper remains local ?

A big THANK YOU to the Lynch Family for choosing to adopt a rescue dog and for making Hoopers dreams come true ? We wish you all many happy years together #adoptdontshop #beaglelife #rescuedog Burns Pet Nutrition