In January we introduced you all to a very sickly little kitten. Honey had been found as a stray and in bad condition as she was very underweight. She went into foster with one of our experienced foster homes and after a few days began to gain weight and blossom. Just when we thought she had turned a corner foster Mom Edel noticed the trade mark signs of the scourge of any household. Ringworm. Not exactly the end of the world but sadly very common in cats with a weakened immune system like Honey’s. The discovery meant that, although Honey was doing fantastically in her recovery, her search for a forever home would be delayed again until after 6weeks of treatment and isolation. Fast forward to the end of February when Honey received her all clear to be spayed and could finally begin the search for her purrfect home.

Jacqueline and her family had lost one of their cats back in November and their resident cat was not coping too well on her own. They were looking for a young, quiet, friendly cat to join their family and hopefully help the resident cat with her loneliness. Matching a cat with a resident one is not as simple as arriving home with a new family member, It can take time to create bonds and it doesn’t always work out so it’s extremely important that you take the time to find the right cat with the right personality. The Cattery team felt Honey was the cat for the job and the family were prepared to take things slowly and allow both cats to adjust to their new lives as sisters.

3 weeks on we are happy to report that Honey has settled in really well and although she and Shelley are not exactly BFFs just yet, they are getting there ? Thank you to the Baker family for welcoming Honey into your family and to everyone involved in getting Honey her happy ever after. ?