A few months ago we took 2 little lurchers pups from a pound to give them a new start and named them Garlic and Herb. Chloe and John had adopted their first Saluki girl from us, in 2020, called Aroma and returned in 2021 to adopt another Saluki named Okabe.

Sadly, Aroma passed away earlier this year and once they had got over their initial shock and heartbreak, Chloe and John decided it was time for Okabe to have a new sister. And of course they wanted it to be another pointy nosed hound.

We felt that Herb could be the best match for Okabe and initially Herb headed off on a foster basis but after just a couple of weeks, Chloe, John and Okabe decided they would like to make Herb officially theirs❤️

We cannot thank Chloe and John enough for their continued support of not just us but our sighthounds too ❤️

Enjoy many happy times together.