27th Oct 2019

It may have taken us a little longer than anticipated, with a couple of ups and downs along the way, but we are so thrilled to be able to write this post and let you all know that, Harvard our Boxer boy has finally made it home.

We spotted Harvard on one of the pound pages and he looked so sad that we offered him rescue space with us.

A middle aged boy who was in the prime of his life, well behaved, knowing sit, paw and stay, who loved his ear rubs, running around our fields, playing with his toys and who never once complained about kennel life.

He caused quite a stir on our Facebook page and Anthony, in Donegal, was one of the first callers to contact us but we thought we had already found him yet another perfect home until we cat tested him and he failed meaning we had to start the search all over again.

Another lovely family who had a very young child visited and whilst Harvard was good with her, we felt his food obsession may be a problem around young children, so we were back to square one.

And then we had a call from someone we had spoken to a month ago …Anthony.

He had thought Harvard had originally gone to his first home and didn’t realize it hadn’t happened …He was still very interested and willing to drive down immediately from Donegal to meet him.

So we had a home check done first (our thanks to Mairéad) which passed with flying colours and the next day Anthony was on his way to meet and hopefully bring home, a boy he had never forgotten.

Their friendship was instant and we could see straight away that Anthony was a kind, caring and compassionate man with a love for Boxers, he sadly lost his own best friend a couple of years ago and was now ready to open up his heart and home to another and we are just so very grateful he chose our Harvard as his new companion ….also ,more importantly, Harvard chose Anthony to be his new dad.

We hear that Harvard has settled in well, finding the sofa and loving all the attention he is getting.

He has a day trip planned to the beach soon and we can’t wait to see him having the time of his life.

Again, we cannot do what we do without the kindness and love of all those who choose to adopt a rescue dog …thank you.

Anthony and Harvard …We wish you both many happy years together ….❤️

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