Hakuna Matata

23rd Mar 2021

Hakuna Matata 🎵

In late 2020 we homed a little lurcher girl “Rea” to The Crampton Family. Our parting words to them were, “Sighthounds are addictive, one is never enough”😁 So it was really no surprise when, a couple of weeks ago, we received a message from Trish enquiring about adopting another. Music to our ears. After a quick chat we invited the whole family back to our sanctuary to meet our young Saluki boy Hakuna. After some full on tag zoomies, cushion exploding, sofa hopping, toy throwing play with the Crampton Family still sitting on the sofa smiling, we knew we had a match 😂😆

It has been over a week now since Rea and Hakuna have paired up and the Cramptons are still standing and loving the energy, fun and chaos that having two young Sighthounds have brought into their lives and home 🥰 Two much loved dogs are as big a part of the family as the children they share their home with, the way it should be for every dog. We are so thankful for amazing families like the Cramptons, who are willing to open up their hearts and home to not one but TWO rescue dogs, especially Two Sighthounds❣

Enjoy and remember…. Anything that’s not nailed to the floor is fair game 😅😂 #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #sighthounds