First of all we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who so very kindly donated to our FB post for our Greyhounds who arrived to us with broken legs/hocks, all which required extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Your generosity in these difficult times filled us with love, hope and definitely put a smile on our faces. So hopefully we can now return those warm feelings by sharing with you all one of those broken boys happy ever after story.

Haddock had a long journey ahead of him when he first arrived with a badly broken hock that he had sustained whilst trialling on a race track as he came back from a previous injury he had picked up whilst racing. His rest time and recovery time after his first injury obviously hadn’t been as successful as his owner thought and poor Haddock broke down on the first bend. This left him as ‘surplus’ and ‘unwanted’ so we took the call asking if we could take him and foot the big bill of repairing him as well ?

The most gentlest, kindest and patient of Greyhounds, Haddock never once complained over the next 3/4months as he made the weekly visits to our vets for a cast change, never gave up as he watched his friends go off on their daily walks and trips (Haddock was confined to toilet breaks only) and he was so brave at his physio appointments when asked to enter the pool and swim. He won everybody’s hearts at Heathlawn and was very much loved by us all.

Then came along two lovely ladies, Sarah and Grainne who had been watching our many posts on just how amazing Greyhounds are as pets. After chatting to them on the phone we knew we had found Haddock his perfect match. Haddock now lives beside the beach in Galway with Sarah and Grainne. He can often be seen strutting along the prom at Salthill, looking very handsome and extremely proud in his beautiful red coat with the biggest smile on his face. Trotting behind him looking equally proud with big grins on their faces too are his adoring mums, Sarah and Grainne.?

And for us, we are so immensely proud of our boy and beyond thrilled that Haddock found his home not just in Ireland but here in Galway. A visit will soon be on the cards. There are so many people to thank who were invovled in Haddocks journey. Our amazing, hard working team of staff and volunteers who made sure Haddock received everything he needed care wise. Those who drove him to his many vet appointments, drove up and down the M6 to his physio and who nurtured and loved him through the tough days. To our wonderful vet team at Railway Vets. To Anna at Canine Country Club in Sallins for all her physio work, to Sarah and Grainne for giving him a loving home and to YOU our friends and supporters who so freely and kindly donated to Haddock and his friends operations and after care.

Teamwork gets the best results and together we got there ❤

Keep on strutting Haddock and show the world just what fantastic dogs and pets Greyhounds truly are ?