At the beginning of September 2019 Habba came into our care after she was hit by a car on the very busy M6 Dublin to Galway Motorway. Extensive surgery on her broken leg left Habba kennel bound at our sanctuary whilst she learnt to let go of her fears and distrusts in life.

She was such a sweet girl who had so much love to give but we needed her to get some extra tlc. Thankfully Jayne and Paul, a couple who have fostered so many broken dogs for us, stepped up to offer Habba the help she needed.

Under their home care and within their gang of dogs, the very timid untrusting foxhound girl went from strength to strength and transformed into a happy hound, enjoying life, without a care in the world.

We posted Habba looking for a forever home and to be honest we didn’t hold out much hope in finding one here for her. Foxhounds aren’t seen as popular pets here in Ireland, but we knew Habba had so much to offer so we had to try. And thankfully we were proven wrong.

Lindsay and her husband Kevin contacted us. They had followed Habba’s story and had seen her plea for a home and they hoped they would be the perfect match for her. A meet and greet was arranged, a homecheck organised and just before Christmas Eve Habba waved goodbye to her foster family as she headed off to start her new life with her Forever Family.

Habba has settled into her new home better than expected and once again she has found herself in a role she adores, minding her new little sister Hope who was one of the infamous Myshall Puppy farm dogs. Habba adores caring for others. She is also getting plenty of cuddles with her humans on the sofa and enjoying walks and strolls in the countryside.

She has come such a long way from the terrified “hunt dog” running loose on the motorway. She has overcome the pain of a badly broken leg but, more importantly, she has learned to open her heart and to love everyone that she meets.

There are so many people to thank for helping Habba on her journey to happiness, but none more so than her foster family who helped Habba overcome so much in her time with them and, of course, Lindsay and Kevin who saw passed her breed and size and just saw a dog waiting patiently to be loved and who would return that love….unconditionally.


Beauty is so much more than skin deep ..it starts inside the soul. Habba you have the most amazing forgiving and loving soul ❤️

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