Giggles was found as a stray and ended up in a pound. It’s hard to believe but nobody came looking for him. We were able to offer him rescue space and Giggles arrived in style, on the front seat of one of our volunteers cars, with Kayak the lurcher, who we also offered space to, squished into the back!!?? Giggles was named as when he arrived he immediately won all our hearts making us giggle, throughout our lunch, as he tried to play with a biscuit. He is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving little boy but one who was also a little unsure at first.

We wanted to get to know him before we started the search for his forever home and we knew there would be any amount of home offers for him. And out of the blue we received a call from retired couple Kevin and Marian who had, quite a few years ago, adopted a very shy little Westie girl from us, Sophie. Sadly Sophie had passed away after a short illness and Kevin and Marian were desperate for another little soul to love. Straight away we knew that Giggles was the boy to help heal their broken hearts.

Whilst only young Giggles was a very laid back little man and all he really wanted was to be with humans all day. So yesterday, Kevin and Marian arrived from Mayo to meet our Giggles and it was most definitely love at first sight all round. There were hugs and kisses, waggy tails and just that sheer joy of that moment you realise you will once again have a little dog back in your lives again to love and cherish. Without as much as a backward glance, Giggles hopped up onto Marians lap to start his journey home. We hear that Giggles, now Toby , has settled in perfectly and is still busy deciding which chair is the most comfortable!!

Adopting again after the heart-breaking loss of a previous dog doesn’t mean you are replacing them, it means you are “honouring” them and putting all they gave you and all they taught you back to another in need and giving them the chance to be loved. We know Sophie will be smiling down tonight as she looks at the smiles and joy on Kevins, Marians and Tobys faces and she will be proud to know her legacy lives on. We wish you the very happiest of years and memories together ❤

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