Gif and Memes

*Dreams Do Come True*

In November a member of the public arrived at our gates with a little dog they had found running along a very busy road. It was a very scared, underweight, mangy little pug x chi. We took her in and named her Memes ❤️ That first day she burrowed herself away, too afraid to look at us.

The next day more calls came in about a little dog who had been hiding under bins at the back of a shop in Ballinasloe. By 7pm that evening, she was still there when a member of our team headed out. Yet another very scared little girl arrived at our sanctuary.

With no free kennels we set up at crate that night in our office which was where little Memes was already living. We named our new arrival Gifs. Over the next few days we started to let Memes and Gifs get to know one another and it wasn’t long before both of them were cuddled up on the sofa together. As they bonded it seemed to give them the confidence and trust they had lacked and soon we had two happy, affectionate, fun loving girls to care for.

When Zara applied for one of our other dogs (who was already reserved to a home), we read her application and thought she was a great match for Gifs so invited her up to meet her. After the initial introduction, which we did in the office, we left Zara and her mum with Gifs so they could get to know one another a little bit more. Of course we left Memes in the room too. We arrived back to check in on how they were getting on to find Zara sitting on the sofa with both Gifs and Memes on her lap enjoying cuddles and love and we knew by Zaras face that she had fallen in love with both of them !!! But she had only come to adopt one dog.

A few days later we got Gifs bags packed and watched for Zara to arrive to bring her new best fried home. Of course we also had Memes bags packed too because Zara had already made up her mind on that first visit that she was going to adopt both of them ❤️

Two scared, neglected girls arrived to our sanctuary but helped each other overcome their past and now they live the best life, always cuddled up together, still giving one another the strength to overcome any fears they still may have about the outside world.

Two hearts who stole the heart of one very kind and caring young lady who gave these girls the thing they needed and wanted the most … a forever home together ❤️

Now named Bubbles and Poppy.

Thank you Zara, you are truly a wonderful young lady.