In November we were on the trail of yet another scared, abandoned, Lurcher who was struggling to stay alive, around the fields of Ballinasloe. And, once again, she was proving difficult to pin down and anytime she was spotted, she fled in fear. She was very underweight and limping badly on a front leg. So we get going and with the eyes and help from kind people, we started to learn her routine.

There is no giving up or forgetting about them, they consume our thoughts as we pray that they can manage to stay safe until we can secure them. It can and has often taken weeks. And then that moment…that glorious, beautiful moment when the chase is finally over and we can breathe a huge sigh of relief as we head towards our sanctuary with her onboard.

The sweetest, kindest girl who seemed relieved to have finally been caught. Although scared she was gentle and sank into her awaiting bed for the best sleep of her life. Her injury was an old injury, a break to her bone that had never been treated and by now it had healed and fused so there was nothing that the vet could do to rectify it.

Fusion, as we had named her, was not in any pain and could still run and play. She had a little lameness if she over did it but nothing major. Fusion joined our long list of Sighthounds looking for a home because, sadly, we still rely on export to other countries for the majority of these wonderful dogs.

We received an application for another of our Sighthounds and whilst we weren’t sure if it was a match we invited Michaela and her Lurcher boy, Percy, to Heathlawn for a visit. And while her first choice of hound was not a match we asked Michaela if she was open to meeting another girl who we thought might be.

Enter Fusion❤️

The rest is history and on the 27th December (we weren’t joking when we said we were behind on our updates😁🙈), Fusion headed off to start her new life with Michaela and Percy. It was, as we had hoped, the perfect match and once the first week passed and everyone adapted, Michaela said it was as though Fusion had always lived there. Fusion, now known as Cookie, and Percy are the best of friends. Michaela is thrilled to be the proud mum of two wonderful hounds who she adores greatly.

Thank you Michaela and Percy for welcoming Fusion/Cookie into your hearts and homes.

And our thanks to the kind people who helped us bring her to safety and not forgetting our own dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are always ready to go above and beyond for those in need.

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