Fisher was surrendered to us in February. A young, bouncy 10 month old spaniel he had already been in 2 homes, that we know of, with both saying that he was too energetic. Fisher was energetic but no more than you would expect from a 10month old spaniel/setter boy and one who was so eager to please, it was nothing a little training and work wouldn’t have sorted.

Elzbieta and Jacek already owned an Irish Setter boy called Henry and when they saw Fishers rehoming post they felt he would be the perfect match for them and Henry. With Henry now aged 4 and past his ‘teenage years’ they felt he would be a good role model for Fisher whilst also matching his energy.

It has been a couple of weeks since Fisher, now Elliot, found his forever home and we hear that he has settled in extremely well. He is loving new adventures and playtime with his big brother and is running along with his dad, Jacek, and enjoying lots of sofa cuddles with mum Elzbieta. We are so thankful to both Elzbieta and Jacek for giving Fisher/Elliot his perfect home.

Happy Adventures Guys ❤

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