Feathers arrived to us last week after she was surrendered by her previous owner. A very sweet, loving 5 year Beagle girl. Feather was overweight and had obviously had quite a few litters.

We posted her arrival story, sat back and waited ? It only took about 10 mins for the phone call we were expecting to come in.

Jayne and Paul are one of our experienced foster families taking on those dogs that are struggling in our kennels or with life in general. They have worked their magic time after time with our dogs and just last week, waved goodbye to their two latest Galway SPCA foster dogs Vixen and Cyprus. They love fostering but they also have a HUGE love for Beagles?

They offered straight away to foster Feathers (we did giggle at their word ‘foster’) and Feathers was duly collected from our sanctuary and whisked home for a pampering session.

And again we waited ? It took 3 days before the phone rang again and this time there was no mention of the word ‘foster’. “We would like to adopt Feathers, see you Monday to sign on the dotted line”?

Ah Jayne and Paul we knew from the moment we posted Feathers arrival that she was going to end up on your sofa settling in beside her twin, Mr Hershey Bob and the rest of your gang ? And we know you will both still keep a space on that sofa for any future Galway SPCA doggies who may need some extra TLC.

No need to say have a wonderful life Feathers because we know you have landed on all four paws ❤