In mid July we were alerted to a tiny 7/8 week old puppy that had been abandoned close to our sanctuary.

The cutest little boy who was lucky enough to go straight from the roadside ditch he had been thrown in, to the loving arms of his Foster mum Diane, one of our volunteers.

Falkor has spent the 2 months having the best time of his young life, learning how to be a playful puppy and enjoying home comforts along with cuddles on the sofa.

Yesterday, Falkor met his forever parents for the second time, Bill and Iris, but this time they were bringing him home to Co. Mayo.

This little boy will only know the very best life can offer, thanks to his wonderful, proud new mum and dad.

Again, the importance of opening up your heart and home to fostering, meant Falkor is ready to move on..

Thank you Bill and Iris, Diane and family for all you have given Falkor.


You may remember this little guy who was found abandoned at just 7/8 weeks old.

Falkor has grown from a very scared, sad little pup into a happy, playful and loving boy. Now approx 12/13 weeks old, Falkor is ready to look for his forever home.

His foster mum says he is the easiest pup she has ever fostered …..Practically toilet trained himself, has taken to lead walking extremely easily and loves all the other dogs in the home. He really is one of the most content puppy’s ever.

Falkor loves to play with his toys, loves playing with other dogs and at the end of a busy playtime enjoys curling up on your lap for some evening snoozing.

Falkor would ideally love a home with another kind dog he can play and feel safe with. A human at home for a lot of the day would also suit his needs as a young pup.

Falkor is hoping for a family who will love him the way he deserves and he looks forward to sharing lots of walks and adventures as he grows.

A secure garden and living indoors is essential. Please contact Emma on 087 2765690 if you can offer this bundle of cuteness the perfect home. ❤️


Baby Falkor – June 2019

This puppy, about 8 weeks old, was found dumped yesterday close to our sanctuary. So scared he did his very best to hide away from the cruel world around him.

Thankfully, Falkor as he has been named, is now in the care of one of our foster families, where he will learn to live in a world of love and cuddles. Shame on those who would think nothing of such an act.

Thank you Leah, one of our young volunteers, for offering to take care of Falkor throughout your summer holidays.