12th Jan 2020

From escalator shaft to foster sister extraordinaire!!

The little kitty who was found trapped under an escalator shaft in Lidl, Oranmore, last year and was taken into foster by Edel.

Although a tad ‘hissy’ at first, Essie settled in quite well into her foster home. So well, in fact, that despite have 2 cats already and ‘not needing anymore’ 😅 Edel fell head over heels and could not part with Essie 🥰.

Now Essie has a new role. Not only is she a much loved and adored member of her new family but also a foster sister to some other needy kitties. Orville needed to experience family life and Essie was not long becoming his friend and showing him all the best places to nap! She did such a good job with Orville that he is now booked to leave for his new home this weekend.

But her job is not done yet.

Once Nollag and Realt have fully recovered and released from their isolation period (which is very important when any new kitten and cats enter a home with existing cats) she will be introduced to them and we are sure she will have no problem showing them exactly how to be the Purrfect pets 🤩

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