In March we welcomed an older black bull lurcher girl to our sanctuary. Found tied to a road sign on a rural lane way, we wanted to give Emoji the best future ever.

Emoji was gentle, loving, kind and happy to be wherever humans were, she asked for very little except to be loved. But despite our Facebook appeals, letting everyone know just how wonderful she was, Emoji received zero interest .

To so many, she was just a plain, older lurcher girl. Not a popular breed when it comes to adoption and adding her age to the mix add it really didn’t surprise us though we were saddened. But what so many missed, was the most beautiful soul and heart that was underneath the exterior.

When Sive contacted us offering to foster we just knew we wanted it be Emoji so she could experience all the home comforts Sive and her family could offer.

Sive had never met a lurcher before, let alone shared her home and life with one but she was willing to learn. Sive and Emoji built up a fantastic relationship during Covid sharing quiet walks and many chilled evenings on the sofa.

Due to work commitments, Sive knew it would only be while the Covid Pandemic lasted, so she cherished every moment with the older lurcher girl that she had grown to love so deeply. We reposted Emoji again and sadly the same thing happened. Not one call or text came through. It saddened us all but we kept on hoping that someone, somewhere would see into her heart.

And a couple of weeks ago that someone was a lovely man called Eoghan. Eoghan and his wife Faye were looking for a dog to join their family, one that would be happy to live with them and their children. Eoghan had seen Emojis post and thought she was beautiful and had been told that Lurchers make amazing family pets .

A meet up was arranged and they fell as much in love with her as we had, as had Sive. Emoji has now said her goodbyes to her foster mum Sive and joined Eoghan, Faye and their family in their home.

We know she will never forget the young woman who showed her just how beautiful she was and who bravely knew it was in Emojis best interests to find a forever family . Their bond will always remain. We thank you Sive and family for loving Emoji (Mo) as much as you did.

And to Eoghan and Faye, thank you both so much for believing us when we told you that Emoji would bring so much love and happiness to your home and for giving Emoji her “forever”.

Enjoy every moment sweet Emoji and remember you are beautiful, inside and out.❤